My Facelift Reviews by Customers – Benefits & Side-Effects (2022)

What are my facelift reviews of the month? We gathered multiple feedbacks from customers mentioning the effectiveness of the product. Product Ratings 4/5 stars.

We believe Beauty is on the inside, but as we grow old, our skin loosens up, and fine lines/wrinkles appear. These may decrease your confidence as a woman. There are various treatments and procedures done under the needle to add elasticity.

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It has become a popular product among women in the United States. There are many questions in the minds of consumers like Does “My facelift work?” In this article, you will find all the answers to your queries. Please read further to know My facelift reviews and more.

What is my face lift?

Paul Younane created the My facelift tool through his physiotherapy experience over the years. This tool tries to imitate Facelift without surgery by toning the interior muscles that sag down over time due to gravity and less collagen. 

You must be aware that our skin gets attached to these muscles. Women often face wrinkles and loose skin after aging. To achieve young and plump skin full of radiance, you need to perform regular facelift exercises. Performing regular massage and training your muscles to lift your derma.

The tool works on the principle of resistance, providing strength to the muscles of your face that give a lifted look to your chin and cheeks. You will find a visible decrement in the wrinkles around your neck, eyes, and mouth. 

The device is also helpful in giving you a sleek jawline. Please continue reading to know more about My facelift reviews.


  • The device comes with three resistance coils that help to strengthen your muscles: white, black, blue. You can switch them according to your level of experience as a beginner or professional.
  • The white register is mentioned for beginners to start and then progress to others with time.
  • There is no need to use any other beauty product for good slips.
  • It is time-efficient, and you can perform these exercises every day for 5 minutes to get visible results.
  • Get a snatched, brighter, toned, and lifted skin that makes you look younger.
  • The device does not work on a battery or any other electrical gadgets.
  • As per a few My facelift reviews, it gives you a Mini facelift without surgery or botox. The best part about it is that the results are irreversible.
  • The tool is portable, and you can easily carry it on vacation/workplace.


  • We found a visible difference in Facelift pictures after five days.
  • You can purchase my facelift for toning on Amazon at good discounts and fast delivery in the United States.
  • This Mini face lift cost is cheaper than any other surgical treatment or botox.
  • There are three resistance coils according to your experience level.


  • My facelift toning device does not give instant results like other surgical treatments. Please repeat the exercises daily to get visible results after a few weeks.
  • You can find similar devices on various e-commerce at pocket-friendly prices.

What is My facelift experience of people, and is it worth your money?

When we consider My facelift as seen on tv reviews, many people have benefited from this device and received compliments for looking younger. The tool got invented by a professional physiotherapist, Paul Younane, after years of experience. We can be confident of the scientific reason behind the principle of this device to lift your skin.

My facelift reviews show a mixed response. The device is safe to use for adults, there are no side effects, but the results depend on your endeavors. 

Please keep your children away from this device because their bones are vulnerable and might get damaged. It gets advised to visit a physician to discuss your age/skin conditions before purchasing this device.

What are My facelift reviews?

We found that this product gets sold on various e-commerce, and their numerous reviews are present on open sources. The combined consumer rating of this product is 3.6 out of 5 stars which is good but does not specify that all the customers are happy with their purchase. 

There was a review from a 72 years old American woman. She explained how she achieved younger skin by religiously performing these exercises from My face lift for toning, and her Facelift before and after images was impressive.

Several My facelift reviews stated people had seen noticeable differences in their look after using this device. But we also came across some disgruntled customers having trouble using this device. Some work confused with the exercise is, and others deported squeaking tool. 

We recommend reading the manual carefully to find out how to change the coil and perform specific motions according to your requirement.


After a comprehensive analysis of My facelift reviews, we have concluded that it is an effective tool. But we will recommend our readers to go through the internet and compare similar tools at cost factory prices making any substantial purchase.

Please share your experience with us in the comment section.


How can I lift my face naturally?

Use my facelift device to perform regular exercises with resistance to get naturally toned skin.

How much is it to lift your face?

My facelift device is available at $29.95. It is for less than any botox or surgical treatment, starting from 500 dollars per injection.

How much does a mini facelift cost in Australia?

This device will is available worldwide at the same price, and you can purchase it from any e-commerce delivery in your state. When you opt for surgical treatments like botox, the price range starts from $299 and depends on the area you want to cover. 

What is a Rhytidoplasty mean?

Rhytidoplasty is a scientific term used for surgical removal of facial aging symptoms like wrinkles. It also includes other services like fat removal and toning skin. The word gets used for people going under the needle for cosmetic treatments.

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