Mikaela shiffrin boyfriend – Net Worth, Relationships 2022

Who is Mikaela Shiffrin boyfriend? Celebrities live a public life and are always under the spotlight for one or the other event. Aleksander is her new Bf, but what next?

Their fans are always coming to know more about their personal life. Mikaela is an Olympic gold medalist in the United States. She has a classic public relationship with her boyfriend. The couple does not hold back on any event and is known for their PDA. Do you want to know who is her current boyfriend? Please read the further article to know more.

Who is Mikaela shiffrin?

Mikaela is a top American skier with many championships under her name. she won the World Cup for best alpine skier and has the greatest number of medals recorded among many other women in history.

The lady even got herself to Olympic gold medals with her phenomenal performance. Did you know that she was the youngest competitor to win alpine skiing in Olympics as a teenager of 18 years?

She has a long list of awards and championships registered under her name, making her one of the biggest names in alpine skiing. If you are curious about Mikaela Shiffrin’s boyfriend, you will get all details in this article.


NameMikaela Pauline shiffrin
DOB13 March of 1995
BirthplaceVail Colorado in the United States.
Height5 feet 7 inch
Club nameShe plays under Burke Mountain Academy
Olympic historyShe attended 3 Olympics and achieved 2 gold medals.
World championshipShe is six times world championships
Relationship statusCommitted
1st match in world cupAt 15 years of age

Who is Mikaela shiffrin boyfriend?

Mikaela made her relationship official with Aleksander Kilde by posting are cute Instagram posts. In 2021 a posted are picture together with the pretty obvious caption stating they were in love.

Since then, the couple has been active on their social media accounts and keeps sharing their happy moments with the fans.

Mikaela Shiffrin boyfriend, Aleksander is famous for his football career and debut in alpine skiing. The two met during a world championship and connected.

Alexander asked her out many times, but she denied it and decided to stay as friends. He always supported her during their seven years-long friendship. Nikala dated a few people during this period.

During the passing of her father, Aleksander became her biggest supporter. He was going through a critical injury but never left her alone during this period. That was when they connected very well and got into a relationship.

More about Aleksander Kilde?

Mikaela Shiffrin boyfriend, Aleksander started as a football player but later turned into a skier. All the information given below is regarding his skiing career.


NameAleksander Kilde
DOB21 September of 1992
Height5feet 11 inches
Club nameLommedalens IL
Olympic historyHe played two Olympic and won a silver and bronze
World championshipHe won three world championships
Relationship statusCommitted
1st world cup matchHis first match was at the age of 20

Mikaela Shiffrin dating history?

  1. Mikaela Shiffrin boyfriends have always been in the spotlight because of her fame. Her fans are always keen to be a part of her life and know more.
  2. She is a private person but gives a sneak peek into her life. Before she dated Aleksander in 2021, she got linked with a few other sports stars.
  3. In 2016, she started dating Mathieu Faivre. They had a four-year-long relationship but mutually broke up due to personal reasons. Mathieu is a french skier and incredibly talented in his field.
  4. Later on, there were rumors that Mikaela got with Brennan Rubie. He is a well-known skier in the United States too. They stayed together for a few months and moved apart.
  5. After the passing of her father, Mikaela isolated herself. But Aleksander helped her as a friend, and later they got together as a couple.


In the above article, we have mentioned all the information about Mikaela Shiffrin boyfriend and her dating life. You should follow her on her official Instagram account to know her personal life and recent updates with Aleksander.

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