Kamie Crawford Boyfriend - Is Kamie Crawford Single 2022

Who is kamie Crawford boyfriend? Her boyfriend is a well-known music artist; their relationship is making buzz. But what she’s hiding from her fans.

Celebrities and their personal lives are always a hot selling topic, and everyone is eager to know about them, mostly about their love. Every day a new story is there to excite the audience. But not all stories are true.

As always, famous personalities have the most of the people’s attention. If a prominent character is dating someone, it is crucial to figure out who they are dating. Everyone starts making another gossip until the accurate news comes up. Recently, Kamieis has also been in highlights, and her fanbase wants to know everything about it.

Who is KamieCrawford?

Kamie is an anchor in an American TV channel. Before being an anchor, she is a beauty pageant winner. The main thing is that she became a well-known anchor for her winning reputation. 

First, she polished her skill and became an experienced anchor. Let’s see who is kamie Crawford boyfriend.


Birth1992 on October 25th
Height5 feet 9 inch
OccupationModel, Anchor, content creator
CountryCleveland U.S
WinnerBeauty pageant winners
ContestMiss teen USA 2010 and Miss Maryland t Teen USA in the sane year.

Her early life

Before disclosing Kamie Crawford boyfriend, let’s take a look at some glimpse of her early life:

  1. Kamie has five sisters, the eldest among all. She is not only a beauty pageant, but also a good student and a well-known face in her college and university.
  2. Apart from English, she knows two different languages: Spanish and patois. 
  3. She is also aware of many different cultures, making her intellectually rich.
  4. Her school’s name is Winston Churchill. In this school, she is a versatile captain of the cheerleader team. 
  5. She has a great interest in media and communications, and that’s why she selected media communications at Fordham University. 

Her professional life

When she won the teen beauty pageant that made her famous worldwide in 2010, she won two beauty pageants, not only one beauty pageant in that same year. 

Then she began her anchoring career in and television career in 2019. In 2020 she became the main co-host on the MTV shows permanently. Even along with Issa Rae, she hosts rae’s reality shows.

Who is kamie Crawford boyfriend?

A recent news break said Gordon Dillard is the boyfriend of kamie. The confusion is this actual news, or it is also an average rumor. Though many times, kamie said she is single, the truth is something else.

According to the sources, the news is confirmed. However, they do not have a very smooth relationship. There are arguments, ups, downs, even they two-faced a major broke up, but at the end, they are now back together. So, let’s talk about the background of kamie Crawford boyfriend.

About Gordon Dillard 

He is a professional music manager, and he managed big-budget stars and their companies. He is a music manager, but on the other hand, he is also a producer, motivational speaker, and music artist.

The relationship news breaks

Kamie firstly revealed everything in a famous chat show in touch. She said that she has a long relationship with the music manager, but the path is not so smooth. The quarantine made them break up. Many harsh memories are there when they quarrel, argue, and have intense word battles.

Now, they are planning to move a step ahead in their relationship and are planning to get married slowly and steadily because the last time they hurried, everything got messed up and broke up.

But one point she highlighted was that their relationship got much more potent than before. 

And the distance made their bond more robust, and the understanding between the two of them improved. That’s why she sometimes said distance and absence are essential to know each other’s worth.


Here is everything about kamie Crawford boyfriend. We revealed as much detail we get. The main thing is that their four-year relationship is a complete roller-coaster ride with many twists and turns. You can check their social media handles to know more about them.

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