Maia Mitchell boyfriend

Who is the current Maia Mitchell boyfriend? Maia, the heartthrob of Australia, had tons of heartbreak at the same time when she started dating. Know the lucky guy?

Naturally, her partner’s name is significant, and many people present want to know the lucky man’s name.

To satisfy the curiosity of her fans and reveal the name and his background. A lot of things are waiting for you to explore. Many secrets are hidden about their relationship, career, and even in past relationships. We shared all details to let you know about everything.

About Maia Mitchell?

Let’s know about Maia Mitchell before Maia Mitchell boyfriend. She is a well-known actress, artist, singer, and producer of the Australian film industry. She is getting very famous for her talent, and her notable work is a children’s series on television named mortified.


Mikaela Shiffrin net worth$3 M
Birthdate1993 on 18th August
ProfessionActress, producer and singer
Debut year2006
Past partnerRamy Youssef
Age29 years
Award nominationTeen choice

Her initial life

She is a mediocre student in her school days. She belongs to New South Wales, her father is a taxi driver, and her mother is associated with the education system. 

All in all, she is not belonging to a wealthy family. She has been admitted to Catholic College, but there is no information on whether she graduated.

About Maia’s Professional life

When she was in school, she first debuted with a children’s series on the television screen, and this series continued till 2007. After that, she got a big break and got a role on U.S television. We will shortly discuss Maia Mitchell boyfriend. 

She got a remarkable role in the Disney channel, making her famous. Then there are Teen beach movies, ABC family, freedom, and a drama named the fosters are the golden steps she made in her career.

She was also nominated for Teen awards several times but never won it. But you can find her name every year on the nomination list. She is also a great singer and collaborated with her boyfriend Rudy on a music album in 2018.

Apart from it, several albums are available: the beach movie tracks and the teen beach two tracks.

Who is Maia Mitchell boyfriend? 

Is Maia single? If not, then who is her current boyfriend. According to the sources, recently, she started dating Rudy Mancuso. Before him, she dated Ramy. But with Ramy, it does not last. But with Rudy, it’s been like six-year. 

About Rudy Mancuso

He is an American actor. Though initially, he started from YouTube. His comic timing and other musical talents are remarkable, and he is famous for them. He was Maia Mitchell boyfriend in 2015. He is also a producer. 

According to the last year’s report, his YouTube channel has 7.52 million subscribers. The best watermark of his life is presenting and performing on MTV millennial award. The name of his YouTube channel is Rudy Mancuso.

His primary genre is comedy on his channel, and he also gets featured on the HBO outpost. Rudy also authorizes a separate puppet series, and the show’s name is Awkward puppets.

His other remarkable collaboration is with Justin bibber. When he launched a world tour inBrazil, and in Latin America, he opened it with him. He was delighted about this performance.

About their relationship 

The relationship between them is going more smoothly than others. There are no such controversies, and other news of fights doesn’t appear on media.

There are no updates about the break-up and patch-up, and they seem pretty stable from 2015.

In an Interview, Maia said her last relationship was not so good, and it is a bad memory for her, but with Rudy, it is excellent. These pictures all over their social media prove how happy they are with each other.


Here is everything about Maia Mitchell boyfriend. According to the sources, there have been no such controversies and misunderstandings between them and their relationship till now. 

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