Amanda kloots boyfriend

Do you want to know about Amanda kloots boyfriend? She is a brilliant woman and has been a part of various musical broadways.

In 2021 you must have seen her on a talk show as the host. She had always been famous for her fitness and good looks.

Amanda kloots had a rough love life with many challenges. But her fans in the United States have always been supportive. She got married twice, and both of her relationships ended drastically. Please read further to know all about her personal life.

Who is Amanda kloots?

Amanda is a celebrity who played many rows in the television and film industry. Currently, she enjoys working as a host on the talk show. This woman is a very talented dancer and played a significant part in various broadway shows like young Frankenstein, good vibrations, and follies. 

During the elections in the United States, she was an endorsing member for Joe Biden. She releases a fitness brand. 

In the company, she teaches people to be mentally and physically healthy through exercises and other products through videos. Do you want a look at her personal life and Amanda kloots boyfriend?


NameAmanda kloots
DOB19 March of 1982
CareerActress Host Dancer Fitness trainer
height5 feet 8 inches
Weight63 kg
Relationship statusCommitted
ChildrenElvis Eduardo Cordero

Who is Amanda kloots boyfriend?

The actress had a rough love life and witnessed two marriages. But after the expiry of her partner Nick Cordero, she had been busy raising their son. 

But according to the recent rumors, she had been seen with Michael Allio. Amanda confirmed the rumors and said she started seeing another man after mourning her husband for one year.

She had to face a lot of hate for this and received many Harsh comments on social media. But she addressed them with a good comeback by mentioning that her life is her decision and no one else can judge her. 

Amanda kloots boyfriend, Michael, has been good support for her after the tragic expiration of Nick. They are enjoying the courtship and post content on social media.

There is not much information about what they are planning to do next, and the couple is private and stays low from the spotlight. 

But we can say that they are completely in love by looking at their recent appearance in events and Social media posts.

Who is Michael Allio?

Michael is a famous model in the United States and gained much paint from the Bachelorette show. He is quite known for creating social media content. He is making much buzz around the United States for being Amanda kloots boyfriend.


Name           Michael Allio
DOB  17 May of 1985
Career          Social media influencers and model
Height5feet 8 inches
Weight         64kg
Relationship status          Married
Children       James

Love life, datings - Amanda kloots?

During an interview, Amanda mentioned that she never committed anyone. Both of her partners were professionally in contact with her, so we never had the chance to get out for dating. 

She came across Larsen on the set of a Broadway show and became friends with him. Soon they decided to marry. She had six lovely years in her marriage. But then they got divorced due to some personal reasons.

After a while, she met Nick order on the set of her show called Bullet over Broadway. They got married in 2017, but she lost him in a tragic death due to covid-19. 

The couple constantly updated the fans with the progress of Cordero’s life. They even decided to make a documentary on the struggle and complications they faced during this period. Amanda had a son with Nick.

Finally, after Nick’s death, she has opened up for herself for new relationships.


Many people are curious about Amanda kloots boyfriend, some even criticizing her for moving on fast. But she is a confident woman and knows what she wants. Michael supported her for every possible task, and they have officially announced their relationship on social media.

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