Roblox.con - No One Wants You to Know This? 2022

What is Roblox.con? It is a large multiverse with infinite possibilities and features. Some developers try to use them for their desires to create inappropriate content/3D world. 

There are thousands of such games on this platform, and many players are interested in playing them. Roblox is a trustful and legitimate brand in the United States, but such activities lower its reputation. The administrative authorities take these con games down from the server. 

But the developers are so clever that if you take one of them down, another gets launched instantly. Read further to know more.

What is Roblox.con?

Roblox is a children’s game developed on Lego-type characters. Most of the players are under 18 years of age. Some scented con games comprise various unique features and give free Robux. 

But it is a dangerous platform for kids. Because the content present on it shows inappropriate behavior and information regarding sexual activities.

It is the scariest part about Roblox.  Roblox is a safe game and does not support any such activity but the chat room feature enabled by scented con games is mostly abused for other intimate conversations. It allowed you to share pictures, videos, and other multimedia that can affect your kid under bad influence.

How to play it?

When you first enter Roblox, you will only come across the famous safe and appropriate games for playing. So, you will not find any of these games under the list present on the homepage. 

As a parent, if you are willing to know where to find these games, follow the guidelines below:

  • Start by using any device with an internet connection to download Roblox.
  • After that wait for it took installed completely.
  • Now open the app and make your profile.
  • When you reach the homepage, you will not find any con games.
  • Use the search bar to type the keyword “ scented con.�? Now you will find all the domains under the explicit genre.
  • Click on any one of them to enter the 3D world.
  • Now you can start your gameplay and chat with other players online.

Is Roblox.con legit?

These games are inappropriate for children, and the platform does not support them. Roblox corporation tries to take them down as soon as possible, but there are so many that they cannot be extinct. 

Yes, you gain that legitimacy, and you will find them on Roblox. To name some, you can play: HAHA, shower simulator, shedletsky’s dirty place.

None of them are directly involved in explicit content, so you cannot report them for their inappropriate themes. Stop the game has hidden features and glitches that allow you to experience this content. Many users get enticed by the unique theme and free Robux given by playing these games.

Player Reviews

We did not come across any review on scented con games in open sources. But many YouTubers constantly play Roblox.con games and post content. 

If you consider the popularity of these games, you will find that these platforms are popular among mature audiences. Most of the developers making these games are from the United States.


Roblox.con games are explicit games present on Roblox for adult players. But some kids get involved with them, and it can harm their minds. We advise the parents to keep an eye on their activity to keep them safe.

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