Fitness coach app reviews - Best App for Beginners, Free Trials

As per fitness coach app reviews, the app is perfect for beginners, but is it for the Pro level? The app is available on Android and Apple app stores; get the details.

Recently, the fitness industry has been growing massively. And mostly the people are getting more concerned with their health and fitness and finding convenient ways to get fit. Technology is also giving different way-out to get well. 

There are different online courses available. And some developers are also inventing various applications that can help people stay fit and healthy. If you analyze other platforms, you can see that hundreds of applications are available. But are all of them worthy or not? We will share a data of a specific app.

About the fitness coach app?

The fitness coach app is trending. So, people are getting curious about this fitness coach app review.

This application is based on fitness which acts as a fitness coach, reminding you to do everything and keep track of it. It also shares healthy food schedules and workout positions.

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The applications set specific goals that you need to match through the journey. It is perfect for beginners, and it will give the proper guidance and training and keep you motivated to keep fit and keep going with the planned fitness regime.

The subscription fee is $16.99 for a month, and the yearly subscription is around $116.99.

What are the specific details about their exercises on the regime?

There is a specific goal that you need to maintain. We are sharing details about the destinations like for beginners there are goals like.

  • One needs to exercise at least five times per week.
  • You have to achieve a goal in which you need to burn atleast2660 per week.
  • You need to drink atleast 3.3L of water.
  • Twelve thousand steps per day to get your plan.

The tracker will track most of the information and remind you about your goals throughout the day and week. We will share detailed fitness coach app reviews shortly.

What are the different features of the specific application?

In this fitness coach app reviews, we also share the different features of the application. There are separate tabs available that work differently from each other. 

  • Plan tab
  • Challenge tab
  • Workout tab
  • Meal tab

Plan tab

The planning tab is for setting your goals and keeping track of your upcoming ways. From this tab, you get different Workout weekly fitness regime plans.

Challenge tab

This is a blueprint of a monthly fitness plan. When to Workout, how to Workout. What is the duration of it? When to increase the time of Workout. There are all such things that you get from the challenge tab. 

Workout tab

There are two different sections available on the tab one is specified for Workout, and another is specific for the spotlight. 

Meal tab

One meal tab is also available to tell you what to eat and where to eat. You get different meal plans from this tab like regular, flexitarian, vegetarian and vegan diets.

How does the workout regime work on this application?

The fitness coach app reviews us about sharing different things on their workout program. There are three other parts available in the Workout session, which are

  • The classroom workout
  • Some specific focus zoned Workout
  • And other kinds of Workouts.

What are the fitness coach app reviews?

As per our analysis, the reviews are excellent. But one thing that draws our attention is that this fitness app tracker is perfect for beginners but does not work similarly for those in the superior fitness level—different options clash.

On the one hand, beginners are pleased and satisfied with the results, but on the other hand, the superior level fitness freaks are not so happy. So, after analyzing all scenarios, we must say this application is worthy for beginners. And we marked it accurate with a 78% trust score.


Parameters Remark 
Trust score 78% 
Social media presence Yes   
Customer opinion Yes    

We shared all crucial details about fitness coach app reviews. So, if you are a beginner, you can use this application to get fit, but once you start developing and gaining experience in the fitness field, it will not show any result.

Please share your opinions and experiences with this application through our comments below.

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